If you would like to try some typical Serbian dishes at very reasonable prices in a local nearby restaurant we recommend Proleće The Spring“ in Vuka Karadžića street No. 11 (phone 2635436). Proleće is a local budget restaurant offering typical Serbian food in a homely atmosphere and if the weather is nice it is possible to dine outside, in front of the restaurant, at the corner of Vuka Karadžića and Cara Lazara streets.  


Besides grilled meat and meat and vegetable dishes, the restaurant also offers (mainly freshwater) fish dishes, but also several vegetarian dishes.


For bean (and meat) lovers, there are two interesting dishes:


If you prefer minced meat and rice with vegetables you can try one of these:


But then if you are the real meat person maybe your favorite dish could be:


Now for those with a really gourmet taste there are lamb dishes, but only on particular days:


If you do not feel like meat at all Proleće also offers:


You might like to add a salad and then it could be:


Finally, you may consider starting your meal with a:

The restaurant also offers wine by glass, but as opposed to the dishes, it is not to be recommended. Sharing a bottle of wine with several colleagues would be a much better option, unless of course you prefer bear or non-alcoholic beverages.


Leaving a modest tip of five to no more than ten percent of the bill in Serbian restaurants is customary but not obligatory.


Enjoy J